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Use Photovoltaic Solar to harness unlimited clean energy and new business opportunities

The Pacific Green PV Technologies team has been involved in the delivery of the largest solar carports in the UK and is part of a major clean technology services conglomerate serving clients worldwide.

All the ingredients you need

The complete service

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintainance

Solar Systems

We work with only top-tier crystalline silicon module providers that offer you guaranteed performance at a competitive price. All modules come with a 12-year equipment warranty and a guarantee of 90% production after 10 years.

Battery packs

Batteries allow you to get even greater value from your solar installation. Designed, installed and managed by our partner Pacific Green Energy Storage Technologies, our commercial and industrial-scale battery systems give you guaranteed performance with proven battery technology.

EV charging

Whatever system design works best for your business, we will take care of all balance of plant elements including mounting, DC switches, inverters, meters, charge controllers and, if needed, electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Why switch to solar?

reduce carbon

Reduce carbon emissions

The Paris Agreement requires a vast reduction in carbon emissions. Help your organisation do its bit by embracing solar energy.

reduce carbon

Cut the cost of electricity bills

If you are a large power user then every kilowatt you produce yourself is a kilowatt you don’t have to buy from a utility. Move to self-generation and enjoy the benefit of lower bills.

reduce carbon

Prepare for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is soaring as nations aim to phase out internal combustion engines. Make sure you have the charging capacity on hand to serve this move to cleaner mobility.

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